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Based on Eurostat, SMEs constitute 99.8% of all enterprises, 57.4% of value added, 66.8 % of employment and largest tax contributor.

... The paradox is that SMEs are also the latest beneficiary of Innovation and International trade... We can only start to imagine the economic progres that can be generated by unleash SME's growth from this paradox !

China, a Market of 1.4 Billions consumers in love with foreign products !

The Second Largest World Economy, The World Largest Single-Market, The World Largest Sinlgle-Electronic-Market and...

Empowering People and Organisations Through The Finest Technology !

Block Chain

Artificial Intelligence




What if there were a second generation of internet that enable a true pear-to-pear exchange of value ? and what if this technology could do to economy what democracy did to civil society ?

Blockchain technology has the potential to become the greater economical equalizer factor by creating a decentralised ecosystem able to redistribute the power from the center of the economy to its periphery, and empowering every actor in between ?

Smart Contracts, payment solutions, low transaction fees and faster access to funding, are just few of the applications on the horisont of this great technology.

Artificial Intelligence

If blockchain create the structure, A-I is surely the brain of tomorrow economy. To understand the impact of those 2 technologies we can compare them to the grind-network and to electricity which make understand us the level of change that we are about to see.

AI can dramatically empower the life of SMEs by providing solutions able to Automate repetitive or low-value task and Support strategics decision-making process.


When we want to helps SMEs to grow internationally, is important to particually care about their need of information and training.

E-learning and e-training have significantly simplify the access to knowledge which, in the specific of SMEs, represent an even great solution; The reduced cost, time flexibility, access to any location and dematerialised learning supports matchent with great precision the need of SEMs with the desire to expand with success from a local and well-known market to a more global and international environment.


Combined with the above solutions, cross-border activities have the potential to create tremendous opportunities for the development of SMEs.

Combining the power of Blockchain, AI and E-learning to empower SMEs and grant them access to Chinese market is the mission of el-babel that, as an organisation, aim to bring together the finest technologie and the faster growing market to unleash countless opportunities for SMEs in Europe and beyond.

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